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Attorney Alan Scott Koenig is an Inactive Member of the California State Bar as of January 1, 2020 


Attorney Alan Scott Koenig (Inactive) provides legal services under the firm names ASK Law Offices® and ASKLaw® – hence the Internet address "www.asklaw.com" – and principally represents community-based Commercial Banks. Clients are accepted by referral only. Following is a brief description of the firm's background and areas of legal expertise.

Our primary practice is providing high-quality, specialized service to financial institutions and mortgage brokerage companies. Assignments typically involve State Court collection suits, restructuring of problem credits, federal Bankruptcy matters, title insurance issues, and general business and tort litigation such as "Lender Liability." The core area of real estate Foreclosures, including Trustee's Sales and evictions if necessary, is heavily emphasized.

At ASK Law Offices®, we routinely prepare and analyze Legal Opinions and assist with traditional (as well as unconventional) loan documentation and review. We are familiar with day-to-day bank operations problems such as those involving checks, deposits, endorsements, wire-transfers, safe deposit boxes, customer privacy, and account ownership and authorization issues.

ASKLaw® also offers Mediation service and attorney Alan Scott Koenig has participated in successful mediations both as Mediator and as Bank counsel. He has had extensive experience with all types of workout negotiations and has handled a wide range of common secured and unsecured lending disputes ranging from enforcement of security interests and lien rights to collateral priorities and subordination claims.

Attorney Alan Scott Koenig is a licensed Real Estate Broker, frequently functioning as statutory Foreclosure Trustee in connection with delinquent trust deed loans, and may be available in case of specialized Receivership or complex property management needs. An honors graduate of Boalt Hall Law School at the University of California, he has practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area for 50+ years.

Professional references and billing rates and policies are available upon request.

Attorney Alan Scott Koenig is an Inactive Member of the California State Bar as of January 1, 2020 and does not currently practice law 

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